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Living Trust and Wills Services

Revocable trusts, commonly called "living trusts," are an effective estate-planning tool for avoiding the costs and hassles of probate, preserving privacy and preparing your estate for ease of transition after you die. ... Unlike in a will, assets in a living trust will generally pass to heirs sooner.

Wills​​ & Living Trusts

Whether you have a large or modest estate, estate planning allows you to control how your assets will be transmitted to your loved ones. We help you control the distribution of your estate, save money and provide for your family and heirs.



When estate planning is done properly, there is no probate. However, the fact is that many people never quite get around to doing their estate planning before something happens. We also handle probate in those situations where probate cannot be avoided.

Trust Administration

Settling a living trust is usually very easy and attorney involvement can be minimal. However, there are some formalities involved that may be better handled by an attorney. We are available to assist where needed in settling or the administration of trusts.

Power of Attorney

The Durable Power of Attorney would allow someone to act on your behalf regarding your affairs if you are incapacitated. This can be very important for people who travel extensively or if you have not transferred assets to a trust.

Health Care Directives


A Health Care Directive is very important for anyone who wants to specify the terms of their health care in the event they cannot give the instructions themselves. You can specify limits on health treatment and determine who can make decisions on your behalf when you are incapacitated.  With this you can instruct your physician not to use life support under certain conditions.

Asset Protection Planning

You have worked hard to provide for your family. You have created and preserved a measure of safety in your life through saving, investing and through hard work. Business Builders, Executives, Professionals, Investors and Seniors face real and substantial threats to their property, financial security and standards of living.  We are committed to protecting our Clients and their families from ordinary and catastrophic risks, lawsuits, predators, and financial need caused by disability, disease or aging.

Mobile Notary Services

Our services include notarization of any documents that require notarization, last minute appointments, loan signing, hospital notarizations, estate planning documents, deeds, etc.  We are here to provide our clients with an easy, friendly, and professional notarization and will accommodate any requests that we can.


It’s important that you know how we work because we do things a bit differently here than at other law firms. We know beginning your estate plan is a big step. So our process is designed to ensure your confidence in the planning process each step of the way. Every decision is carefully reviewed with you. It’s the perfect combination of efficiency and warmth. The planning process itself begins with an initial meeting either face-to-face, via email, telephone, at your home or at a convenient place for all of us, or at the office.

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